Once the product has been dispatched, we do not accept returns purely because of a change of heart. If the product has not been dispatched, you will incur a deposit penalty of 20% off the product price and the remainder will be refunded including the postage. 

We do not accept any responsibility for the negligent handling of the item once it has been dispatched from our store. It is the responsibility of the consumer to seek insurance of their product that is being delivered if they desire. In saying that, our goods do carry insurance of a value of $1000 but if your goods do exceed that then it is advised that you seek additional coverage if you desire.

If the goods arrive in a state that is considered to contain major faults / defects that are not a result of shipping damage then you are entitled to a replacement or a refund at your discretion.

Bacchus Marsh Mowers reserve the right to rectify the situation by repairing the goods provided of any major faults / defects before replacement is given within a reasonable time from the date in which we are notified of this major defect / fault. 

A lot of the Brands we deal with e.g. Stihl, Honda, MTD, Rover, Victa, Hustler etc. A warranty specified by each company is given with the purchase of each item. This warranty is not restricted to our store only and you can take your machine to the closest dealer for any warranty repairs as we are a registered dealer and all items sold are correctly registered with every brand.


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