Stihl Loop Shoulder Harness

Stihl Harness Basic

Basic Strap harness to suit STIHL Brushcutter,  Electric Hedge Cutters, Electric Pole Pruners, Electric Trimmers, Kombi Engines, Hedgetrimmers, Pole Pruners, Pole Saws, Scrub Cutters, models;

FS38, FS45, FS45 C-E, FS55 RC-E, FSA90 R, FSA 130 R, FS 70 R, FS 91 R 

FS70C, FS70RC, KM55, KM55C, KM55R, KM55RC, HT130, HT131, HL45, FS56, FS56C, FS56R, FS56RC, FS83, FS83T, FS55, FS55C, FS55R, FS55RC, FS55T, HL90K, HL95, HL95K, FE55, HT73, FSE60, FS40, FS40C, FS50, FS50C, HT56C, FS36, FS44, HL73, HL73K, FSE81, HT70, HT75

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