Stihl AutoCut 25 2

Stihl Head AutoCut 25-2

STIHL Brushcutter head AutoCut 25-2 takes 2.4mm or 2.7mm trimmer line.

Suits Models;

FSE65, FSE 65

FS25-4, FS55, FS 55, FS55R, FS 55 R,  FS65, FS65-4, FS80, FS 80, FS80R, FS 80 R, FS85, FS 85, FS85R, FS 85 R, FS87, FS 87, FS87R, FS 87 R, FS90, FS 90, FS90R, FS 90 R, FS94C, FS 94 RC-E,  FS100, FS100R, FS110, FS110R, FS100RX, FS120, FS130, FS131, FS120R, FS200, FS200R, FS240, FS240R, FS250, FS250R, 
KM55, KM 55, KM55R, KM 55 R, KM56, KM 56, KM56R, KM56 R, KM100, KM100R, KM110, KM110R, KM130

KA85, KA 85, KM85, KM 85, KM90, KM 90

FR220, FR350, FR450, FR480

FSA90, FSA90R, FSA130, FSA130R

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