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Stihl Kombi Tools

The range of STIHL KombiSystem attachements makes the KombiSystem adaptable to your every need. From Brushcutter to Pole Pruner, from Hedge Trimmer to Blower, the KombiSystem attachements ensure that you can have everything completely under control in the garden. Having chosen your preferred engine and handle, select the KombiSystem attachements most suited to your needs.

STIHL BG-KM Blower KombiTool
STIHL BG-KM Blower KombiTool (Out of Stock)
FCB-KM Edger (STIHL) (Out of Stock)
HT-KM Pole Pruner (STIHL)
HT-KM Pole Pruner (STIHL) (Out of Stock)
HL-KM 135deg Hedge Trimmer (STIHL)
HL-KM 135deg Hedge Trimmer (STIHL) (Out of Stock)
KB-KM Bristle Brush (STIHL)
KB-KM Bristle Brush (STIHL) (Out of Stock)
KW-KM Power Sweep (STIHL)
KW-KM Power Sweep (STIHL) (Out of Stock)
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